A. Chef Ifayomi Victory
Currently Travelling

Bio: As creator of "Chef Ifayomi" -- A Vegan & Vegetarian Personal Chef, Event Planning and Wellness Consultant Company, I'm a primarily self-taught vegan and vegetarian culinary professional who specializes in creating and re-creating family favorite recipes, meals, menus and events into the ultimate vegan and vegetarian dining experience. After completing the program at The Vegan Culinary Academy, my focus, objective and part of my mission became to "Change the World One Vegetarian Meal at a Time" by working to help dispel the myth that vegan and vegetarian cuisine lacks beauty, substance and great taste! Known also as the "Vegan Kitchen Goddess," and "Glamorous Chef," I bring style, sosphistication and excitement to vegan and vegetarianism, entertainment ideas and holistic living practices. I live by the motto: "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!", and have dedicated my life to preparing, sharing, instructing and promoting the benefits of a healthy vegan and vegetarian diet/lifestyle and consistent physical activity. A dancer by profession I also love to dance, learn, teach and perform African Dance.

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